A Short History of the “Republic of Boulder.”

So you’re thinking about moving to Boulder, Colorado which has been named one of the happiest places in the United States. It’s no surprise when you consider the year-round access to the outdoors, all of the restaurants to taste in town, the buzzing entrepreneur scene, millions of breweries, and vibrant cultural outlets. It’s a small western town with big city amenities.

Boulder has always had a lively scene and was first home to Native Americans, the majority from the Southern Arapaho tribe who lived near Haystack Mountain. Later on, the American frontier continued to move West with promises of gold and silver in the Rocky Mountains. By the 1860s, Boulder became a base camp for miners.

Shortly after Boulder’s first major boom in population, the state's largest university—the University of Colorado—opened in 1876. The first neighborhoods, Whittier and Mapleton Hill, were developed and slowly since then, the word has leaked out about the beauty and best lifestyle around where the Rocky Mountains meet the rolling plains.

Moving to a new city can be overwhelming (to say the least). Here are a few resources to get you started in case you want to call yourself a ‘Boulderite’ someday.

Welcome to Boulder, Colorado.
Here’s a great overview of Boulder County.
Maps of the city.
Boulder Valley School District (BVSD).


Facts & Figures

• The City of Boulder was founded in 1859.
• Elevation: 5,430 feet.
• Population: 103,166 residents, including 30,265 students at the University of Colorado.
• Weather: Four distinct seasons and over 300 sunny days a year.
• Schools: Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) stands as a leader in academic excellence and is consistently ranked among Colorado’s top school districts.



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Featured NeighborhoOds

Here are some of our favorite neighborhoods in boulder.

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Mapleton Hill

Let us introduce you to one of the oldest and most coveted neighborhoods in Boulder. Historic Mapleton Hill is known for its late nineteenth-century architectural homes lined with mature trees that follow along Mapleton Avenue. With quaint features like sprawling porches, expansive yards, and a central location, these homes go for top dollar at a million dollars or more.


Quiet residential streets give this up-and-coming neighborhood of North Boulder a private feel while maintaining easy access to downtown a mere two miles away. The growing retail and restaurant scene—with organic grocers and favorite park trails—have made this ‘NoBo’ neighborhood one of the best places to be in Boulder.