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An interview with first time home buyer, Lauren Felts Chen

Imagine this scenario, you have a total of three days to buy a home in one of the hottest markets out there, and—just to throw in an extra curveball—you’re 7 months pregnant.


That’s the real-life, first time home buying story of former nomad Lauren Felts Chen.

Lauren is a certified nutritionist, author, wife, mother, and now Boulderite. She runs the successful and evergrowing online resource—The Holy Kale—which acts as an educational platform for health practitioners and just your average health enthusiast. Formerly from Los Angeles, Lauren launched The Holy Kale in 2011 when she was living in Austin, Texas. From there, she moved to Taos, New Mexico then Chicago, moving along with her husband, Austin Chen, while he completed medical residency and fellowships.


When Austin landed a dream opportunity to join BoulderCentre for Orthopedics as an orthopedic surgeon, they both knew Boulder was the perfect town to set roots in, and they needed to find a home to grow into. One that they could call their own.

As first time home buyers, Lauren has some advice for others, “You have to partner with the right real estate agent. One that fits your needs, gives you confidence and will work with you to find the right home, not just any home.”

Fortunately for Lauren and Austin, they were introduced to Firuzeh Saidi by a family friend. With no concept of the home buying process, it was the perfect fit to work with an experienced realtor with lots of connections, wisdom, and their best interest always on the forefront.


Connections became key with the pressing three-day timeline. Due to Firuzeh’s local contacts, they were pre-approved for a loan within one day. That way once they found their dream home—with their must-haves like a backyard for their dog, lots of light to bask in the sun, and four bedrooms for their growing family—they could act.

Once they did find the perfect abode in southwest Longmont with 360 views of nature, trails for hiking and biking, and downtown Boulder only 15 minutes away, they put in an offer the same day it came on the market. Despite a tempting counter-offer, the home would ultimately become the Chens.

Lauren and Austin moved into their home in October of 2017, a couple months before Bodhi was born and on Austin’s birthday. One of Austins greatest gift of all being a house to make into a home, a year of home insurance, and not one but two birthday cakes all from Firuzeh.

Lauren reflects with me over the phone about the tiring yet the exciting experience of buying a home since it’s been more than a year later.

“Firuzeh says that she will not sell you a home that she cannot resell which I thought was really comforting. I love that she wanted us to be in a home that not only met our needs now but was also a shrewd investment for the future.”

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